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Subject: Yay! My feature is approved. Now what?

Hi all,


I'm encouraged that our features for XLIFF 2.0 (all but 2*) are approved and in the queue.


Thanks to those who worked hard to propose and pass the features!


But the really important part comes next. You will need to transform your good idea into a documented feature that can be merged into the working copy of the specification. To do this you will need SVN access to the XLIFF repository, and you will need to document your feature in a Docbook file.


I've dashed off a quick set of instructions on how to configure your SVN client to access the XLIFF repository. And included in this file is a template for your Docbook entry.


All of this (I hope) will be straightforward for you to get started. The tricky part will be to write up your feature, compliant with the format of the rest of the features. I spoke to Yves about all of this. He and I agree that maybe the best way is to take a look at an existing feature to see how it's been done in the past.


Please feel free to request help if you get stuck.


But most of all, the sooner you can get your feature submitted, the better chance we have of getting a meaningful Committee Draft in place in the timeframe we've discussed.


Good luck, and thanks!




*(and for the owners of (S4) Permission Control and Validation and (R37) Validations Module, a friendly reminder to please provide the further clarifications we discussed to the mailing list)


Bryan Schnabel
Content Management Architect
Phone: 503.627.5282

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