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Subject: RE: [xliff] 1.2 to 2.0 Gaps and Proposals

Hi Ryan, all,

Sorry for the delay: I'm just swamped and can't find the time to read emails anymore.

> 1. Be able to specify optional custom values 
> for match type in <mtc:matches>

I suppose some mechanism similar to the subType we're using in inline codes and other places could allow for custom values while making sure a top-level category is also declared.

Since we are discussing values for match type: I'm still not convinced that the latest list makes sense:

am - Assembled Match
ebm - Example-based Machine Translation
idm - ID-based Match
ice - In-Context Exact Match
mt - Machine Translation
tm - Translation Memory Match

- 'Example-based Machine Translation' should not be there IMO: it's just MT, what type of MT is not relevant (but could be a candidate for the subtype)
- 'In-Context Exact Match' IMO should be 'in-context' only: the fact that's an exact one is captured in the similarity (and it could be an in-context fuzzy too).

> 2. Support Reference Language in <mtc:matches>
> • Allow zero, one or more <mtc:matches> at each extension point, because 
> you might have both recycling and reference language data.

I assume you mean: allow more than one <mtc:matches> where we currently allow one? Not in *all* extensions point. right?

> • Add an optional attribute reference=”yes|no” with no as default. 
> Additionally, PR for a “reference match” would be to allow an xml:lang on the target 
> different from the document and allow the <source> not to be present 
> as it would be redundant information with the core <source>, e.g. Spanish 
> reference for Quechua might look like this:

- reference='yes\no' and allowing a different language for xml:lang in those with reference='yes' seems ok to me.
- source not being present... I don't know. If we do that for those 'matches' why not for the normalmatches as well? If the source is the same.
I think we mandated the source originally that's to simplify processing: testing for the presence of not of the source may be cumbersome for some processors (XSLT maybe?).

We would need to update the definition of what a "match" is as well.

hope this helps,

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