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Subject: (S1) Permission Control and Validation

I know I’m ridiculously late on this, but here are my thoughts.

The intent of this (S1: Permission Control and Validation) is to control who or what (people or tools) have access to change which part of the XLIFF file (data, elements/attributes, etc.).

I still see the value in defining this, but I don’t see how to define this until the core and all PRs are established. The examples given in the wiki are that a person can only change a specific attribute or a tool can only add a specific element – this is not an overlap with locking specific segments – I think it should be pursued, but only as part of 2.1 or the next edit after the initial specification is approved.


I don’t believe I regain my voting rights until after today’s meeting, but it would be nice to clean this up (move it to the proper section, assuming of course that others agree there is value in pursuing this) if we have time in today’s meeting.




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