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xliff message

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Subject: Binary Module

As discussed in Tuesday’s TC call, we will break out the binary data module proposal into two separate modules. One module will live at the <unit> level and will contain only binary resource data. This module enables the use case for resizing and repositioning target dialogs and UI controls, etc. Textual data is not contained in this module, but will have been extracted to an appropriate <segment>, which is a sibling to the binary resource module contained in a <unit>.  It was proposed that the second module live at <file> level and contain pointers to binary file data in an accompanying container format. This module would enable the SharePoint scenario of carrying around binary files as payload that may or may not have textual elements in them that may be used for reference (e.g. an image), or localized outside of XLIFF (e.g. a document), but are related to the localizable content contained within the XLIFF.


This thread is to discuss the binary resource use case. The attached proposal is based on the original already circulated but edited to conform to the binary resource use case only. Please use this thread to discuss and give feedback. Thanks everyone for your help and support on this module.




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