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Subject: RE: [xliff] R37: Revised Validations Module proposal

Hi Ryan, all,

Some feedback on the Validation proposal (nothing major, just possible suggestions):

-- strbegins and strEnds attributes:

Maybe names such as startsWith and endsWith may be a bit more descriptive of the function?

-- dblSpace:

This seems to be a very specific check. Maybe it can be generalized a bit without making it very different? For example, instead of dblSpace="3" we could do occurrence="  |3" (or a better name than 'occurrence'). This would allow to check for more than double spaces.

-- mustLoc:

How do you represent the '|' if it needs to be in the left part of the value?

-- existsInSource, disabled:

So far I think XLIFF is using yes|no for Boolean rather than true|false. Maybe we could be consistent?


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