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Subject: RE: [xliff] Issues

Hi Bryan, all,

>> subFs definition: "Value description: free form text". 
>> I'm sorry, but that's not interoperable.
>> Here only the tool that generated the Format style markup is capable 
>> of guessing how to use subFs with such definition.
>> To me that means it's a private extension and not a module.
> I don’t understand. We have many PCDATA attributes. What would the alternative be for subFs? 

The problem is not about PCDATA, it's that since there is not definition of what subFs can hold, tools cannot do anything with it.

For example: how a tool can know what to do with the content of subFs in <pc fs:fs="img" fs:subFs="smileface.png">? There is nowhere any processing expectation that describe, for example, that if fs is 'img' subFs contains the URL of the image. What is the value of subFs when fs is something else?


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