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xliff message

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Subject: Our review

Hi all,

Victor and I reviewed the latest revision of XLIFF specification document. We are happy for most of the development, so we will reply soon with most probably the option 1 or the new 5 if the two are ever different.

Here are a few questions before that.

1) Section 2.8 Segmentation still has incomplete processing requirements. In fact, the PR for re-segmentation could be sophisticated. I wonder if this has been lost for a while.

2) Appendix B: Translation Candidate Module

   According to the schema, the value of score related attributes is ranged from 0.0 to 100.0. Will this restrict us from using more detailed precisions (e.g.: 94.98)?  Our quality system always produce
two decimal places.

3) Section H: Size Restriction Module
  It is very difficult to understand this module. Why should this size restriction module look so complicated?

  Generally storage restriction hasn't been critical to us. We are more about restricting the number of characters to avoid any issues on GUI.
  The number of characters that can be allowed for the same width of GUI can be different per language.

  question) Can somebody help me on how to restrict the translation to less than or equal to 20 characters?

4)  Section H.1.5.2: "sizesare" => "sizes are"


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