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xliff message

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Subject: Timeline for progression toward XLIFF 2.0 OASIS Standard

Hi all,

I thought it might be easier to just put this in a standalone note. So I pulled it out of the meeting minutes. I did not alter it.

1. Goal for reconciling each comment: [02 July]
2. Statements of Use [identify by 16 July]
  A. Must have a statement of use for each major feature?
  B. Test Suite (1 application vs. ecosystem of tools)
  C. Reference Implementation [identify by 16 July; roll out by 06 Aug]
  D. One implementation that touches each feature
  E. Candidates?
3. Re-approve Committee Draft (that reflects resolved comments, https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process#committeeDraft ) [06 Aug]
4. Second Public Review, 15-day [12 Aug – 30 Aug]
5. Approve Committee Specification (https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process#committeeSpec ) [17 Sep]
6. Approve OASIS Standard  (https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process#OASISstandard ) [17 Sep – 09 Dec]
  A. Submit Candidate Specification [17 Sep]
  B. Public Review of Candidate Specification (60 days) [24 Sep – 22 Nov]
  C. Ballot for OASIS Specification approval [25 Nov – 09 Dec]

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