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Subject: Perhaps FS in segment would be okay?

In going over the notes from last meeting I see we properly passed the ballot:

  Ryan proposes move modules and notes out of segment
  D takes a roll call ballot
  Ballot results: HY, TY, FY, DY, RY, YY, BY, JY, AY
  Ballot passes unanimously

I also see that consideration was given to the Format Style attribute:

  D: there is no issue with FS; it simply won't be there
  F: yes, so you remove the FS from segment

Question 1: I think we still allow modules (WRT FS) on inlines, yes?
Issue: In trying to fulfill Jörg's request for a more robust example, and to enable images (csprd01 25 Format Style Module), I see that it would be *easier* (not critical, but easier) if we just made dispensation for FS within segment and its children.
Question 2: (a) Are the risks of including FS during re-segmentation as high as they are for other modules? (b) If so, does the nature of FS enable a simple PR on WRT segments and their children to mitigate that risk. (c) If we find no particular risk with FS, do we think we could do a quick roll call ballot to give it dispensation from the segment restriction?



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