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Subject: issue 039

Hi David, all,

Looking at the changes done in the conformance and definition sections:

-- 1) there is no mention of issue 039 in the change log

-- 2) the issue tracking wiki page points  to https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201306/msg00009.html for the record of the
But the text there states: "We almost reached consensus on agents types. Extractor-Merger, Enricher and  Modifier." I cannot see a
record of the final consensus anywhere.

I'm saying this because the definition section contains definitions for things like reader and Writer not mentioned in the minutes.
So I would encourage people to read that section and make sure they are ok with it.

One note on my part: in
Reader, Reader Agent
an Agent that only renders XLIFF Documents provided by other Writers

Is "renders" the proper term for a reader? It seems to have so many meanings that maybe a more specific term would be better. To me
the first thought that comes with 'rendering' is about to showing/displaying. But a reader is more about parsing and mapping XLIFF
into its own data model.

There is also no record of the consensus of the conformance section listed in the wiki.

-- 3) " Extractor or Enricherknowledge of" is missing a space.
And "processinmg format" should be "processing format"

-- 4) in the Conformamce section:

"All Agents MUST comply to Processing Requirements" I think it should be "comply with".

I have to say that I don't understand this statement after 'Processing Requirements': "All Agents MUST comply to Processing
Requirements for otherwise unspecified Agents or without a specifically set target Agent."

Could it be made more understandable?

-- 4) still in the conformance:

"... XLIFF Documents MUST also comply with all relevant elements and attributes definitions, normative usage descriptions, and
Constraints specified in this specification document."

The Constraints sections are clearly defined in the specifications. But how can the reader identify the definitions and the
'normative usage descriptions'?
I understand what those are basically, but for a first-time reader there is no indication in the body of the text what sub-sections
other than Constraints are normative (or what is not normative if we take the whole body as normative).

--5) random typos seen elsewhere:

"Enrichers procesing" should be " Enrichers processing"


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