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Subject: RE: [xliff] Call for Dissent was Re: [xliff] csprd01 comments 11 and 41

Hi David, all,

>> David, please, we really need to just disconnect 
>> completely state and canMerge, set the default of 
>> the first to 'initial' and the
>> second to 'yes'. You will have a merge indicator in 
>> place and it won't provoke any disruption. 
>> Those two attributes have no reasons
>> whatsoever to be connected.
> If the TC agrees to it I have no problem with implementing it,
> but then we will have done the full circle admittedly with 
> some minor clarifications.

We would go from an 'approved' attribute with unclear relationship with the states and by default set to 'no', to a clearer
'canMerge' attribute that is completely independent from state and set to 'yes' by default. That doesn't look like a circle or a
minor change to me.


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