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Subject: Summary of XLIFF TC call of Sep-3-2014

Summary of XLIFF TC call of Sep-3-2014

Present: DavidF, Yves, Bryan, Asanka, DavidW, Fredrik, Helena, Kevin, Shirley, Joachim, Tom, Victor, Uwe.

Regrets: Ryan

Leave Of Absence: Lucía

=== I Administration (0:00 - 0:10)

B: many things to do
.. may be able to have resolution for 2nd public review
DF: one extra change in the specification
.. about the Josep remarks.
.. case-sensitivity added.
K: have not heard about Ryan on this
B: let finish the admin parts first

--- B. Approve previous meeting minutes,
Of 20 August 2013
https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201308/msg00090.html and

B: move that both emails are the minutes for lest minutes
Y: second
B: nobody disagree

=== II XLIFF 2.0 (0:10 - 0:45)

DF: feedback for XBench developers about the verification module.
.. suggested word-only, cases-sensitive and regex improvements
.. I think we can add case-sensitive option (default=yes) in <rule> element.
K: I think the suggestion is sound
V: should default be yes?
B: by default XML is case sensitive, so to me default should be yes
DF: propose to have this addition
F: second the proposal
DF: taking roll call
1 abstain (Y), all other: 10 yes
.. this change is approved

--- A. Actions required to stay on track according to our timeline

-- 1. Readiness for second public review ballot?

DF: ready for second PR ballot?
.. F added sample in size restriction module
Y: typo in example: slr prefix missing for equivStorage
DF: we can fix that, doesn't affect the vote
T: example B 1.4. shows the various possibilities
DF: correction to example are not substantives, so shouldn't affect the vote

B: think examples are fine.
.. think approving this draft today would be ok
.. can have minor editorial fixes
.. any question for Tom?
.. any questions in general?
.. plenty of time look at the new versions.
.. please let's go over any question, concerns now.

B: wiki tracker should be all OK now.
.. not all cell are green, but it's just because I didn't changed it. All items are clear as far as I know.

DF: we'll need the wiki tracker fully updated
.. for the admin progression
.. but we should be ok for this ballot

B: schema has been updated too.
.. should be in good shape too.
DF: just posted the language:

I move that the TC approve XLIFF Version 2.0 wd02 and all associated artifacts available together on TC SVN repository as the
revision 320 a Committee Specification Draft, designating the html version of the specification as authoritative, and that the TC
further approve releasing the Committee Specification Draft for 15 days public review and direct the chair, secretaries, and editors
to work with OASIS TC Administration on all tasks required to carry out these directions.

B: I second

DF: will take the roll call
1 abstain, 9 yes
The next draft is a wd02 and for public review for 15 days

-- 2. Reference Implementations for XLIFF 2.0 [identify by 16 July] (Kevin)

B: Kevin raised the issue of the reference implementations
.. we'll need some working implementations
.. a few people verbally talked about rolling out 2.0 at our latest symposium (e.g. SDL)
.. other comments?
DF: 2.0 is stable, expect no substantive changes
.. if any they would probably go to 2.x, new modules, etc.

K: I expect that Ryan and I can provide some reference implementations - in a fashion similar to our demo at the symposium.

DF: 2 references implementation in CNGL: SOLAS and LiON (research prototypes)
.. need to look at good coverage of the features
.. so we have proof of implementatbility

B: I intend to support round-trip 2.0 for core, metadata and simple format
.. also possible on the XLIFF Drupal module
.. any other?

DF: Fredrik?
F: possibly for the size restriction feature, as a demo tool. No idea about production versions.

B: Yves?
Y: no time to work more on the Okapi library
.. current version probably not completely up-to-date
.. no time in foreseeable future

DF: what about time line?
B: should have the timeline calculation by mid or end of week.
.. we probably won't be able to make it in 2013. But suspect it should Q1 2014 should be doable.
.. that provides more time for implementations too.
.. Chet will start the public review when the spec is ready

DF: We should have sub-committee call to discuss statements of use, etc.
.. will send the info to TC list.

-- Sub Committee report:

DF: Peter has not reported on ISO progress
.. nothing to report there
.. Tom and Fredrik will present on XLIFF 2.0 by the end of the year
.. I will do a presentation at LRC conference too
.. Bryan will do a presentation on XLIFF+DITA in DITA conf
.. LocWorld soon too, 2.0 will be mentioned too.

.. London FEISGILTT proceeding will be published on the Localization Review.

-- VI: Any Other Bussiness?


Meeting closed.

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