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Subject: RE: Problems validating XLIFF files with 2.0 schemas

Hi Tom, all,

The changes you made (rev 328) seem to have solved most of the issues, thanks.
(there is obviously still the issue of making a distinction between extended elements vs modules, but that is another discussion).

I'm getting errors on the values for mda's type attribute.
For example with this:

<file id="f1">
  <mda:metadata xmlns:mda="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:metadata:2.0">
   <mda:metagroup category="someCat">
    <mda:meta type="mtype1">info-mtype1</mda:meta>
    <mda:metagroup category="subCat">
     <mda:meta type="mtype2">info-mtype2</mda:meta>

I'm getting a bad value for mtype1 and mtype2 and the error refers to the value for the type attribute in the core.
The validator seems to think type if of the core namespace (which is declared in <xliff> in my example). As far as I know an
un-qualified attribute is considered part of the namespace of the element where it is declared no?

Any thoughts?


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