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Subject: IDs - uniquness and source/target exception (B)

Hi David, all,

> *B)*
> The current uniqueness Constraints ignore the fact that ids are in 
> fact expected to be duplicated between <source> and <target> to signify 
> the sameness of the elements between <source> and <target>.
> *Proposed Solution: Add this exception to the relevant uniqueness constraints*

Are you talking about this constraint (in the definition of the id attribute for inline code and annotation): "The value MUST be
unique within the <segment> or <ignorable> elements and inline elements with the same id in both source and target MUST be
corresponding elements."

If so, it looks like the constraint takes the source/target case into account.
But we probably need better wording.
Maybe expressing the constraint for the source content, and then having a separate one for the target.


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