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Subject: RE: [xliff] IDs - Optional attributes (E)

Hi David, all,

> This said I would be happy with markers, <segment>, <unit>, 
> <group>, and <file> ids being compulsory
> while <note> and <ignorable> being optional.
> Having marker ids always compulsory would simplify the current 
> notation dependent constraints, also marker ids became critical 
> after prohibiting metadata on segment.

If you mean the <mrk> an <sm> elements by markers, they already have required IDs.

> Group ids can be optional if unit ids are required to be 
> unique within file rather than parent, I do see this as 
> an important interrelation with the issue *D*.

I cannot see the relation between having unit ids unique per file and having id optional on groups, BUT since I do think having unit
ids unique per file is needed, that makes my puzzlement moot and we don't have to discuss it.

That leaves <file>. And for that one I tend to think id is not needed. First there is the 'original' attribute that seems to fill
the same role (and is older: <file> has no id in 1.2). Also: several <file> elements can be moved to a single XLIFF documents, for
example when bundling a package. Several tools have even utilities to do this. In such case you may have clash of identical IDs and
you are left with two options: a) not bundle one of the <file> or b) change its ID value; none of which is really doable.

For <file> I would propose to drop the id attribute, and have original as the way to identify the resource corresponding to the
given <file> (which is already its role). I would also update the definition of 'original' from:

"Original file - a pointer to the location of the original document from which the content of the enclosing <file> element is


"Original resource - a IRI identifying the original resource from which the content of the <file> element is extracted."

So we would have:

- Required id on: <segment> (changed from optional)
- Optional id on: <group>, <note>, <ignorable> (no change)
- No id on <file> (changed from optional)

BTW: One more correction for the spec: in the section 2.3.1 in the list of attribute the link on the 'original' attribute points to
the section for the 'name' attribute instead of the section for the 'original' attribute.


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