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Subject: RE: [xliff] srcDir, trgDir, dir vs just dir

Hi David, all,

> this sounds straightforward, unless someone is unhappy 
> with the proposed, I can make the change in the spec.

I'm happy with the proposed change. But you may want to hold off in doing actual editing for the segmentation Modification section.
I will submit many more comments on that section when I have an implementation that seems to work.

> I guess that the reason for mentioning srcDir and trgDir 
> is that dir values are inherited from them. Maybe worth a note?
> if it is removed from the normative language..

We should not mention them. srcDir and trgDir (which live in <file>, <group> or <unit>) do not affect the segmentation changes. They
apply to <source> and <target> elements without explicit dir attributes, but there is nothing you have to do to or with them when
splitting or joining segments/ignorables parts.


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