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Subject: RE: [xliff] Version Control Commit by David.Filip

Hi David, Tom, all,

> Log:
> Most editorial changes implemented
> All material changes pending/awaiting resolutions Also editorial changes 
> in response to comments 133 and 102, 110, 126, 135 are pending

Based on the comments tracking and the changes:

106 - I think "Please note that Agents using Processing Instruction to implement..." should probably be "Please note that Agents using Processing Instructions to implement".

115 - ok

116 - ok

117 - ok

128 - ok

131 - ok. Just one note: it seems every module has only one second level ("Module Specification") and we have hen several entry for the third level, fourth level, etc. Removing the "Module Specification" level would simplify things (any text under that level could just go to the main level. Just a thought.

136 - the added <note> element points to <target>.


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