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Subject: RE: [xliff] Fragment Identification

Hi David,

> Yves, all allowed modifications are specified in the spec.

You can't possibly define all allowed operations in the specification.

Besides there is nothing in the specification that says "All allowed modifications are specified in this document", so I'm not going
to argue the point further.

> If someone wants to regroup files between xliff documents,
> it should be their private concern.

So is splitting one huge XLIFF documents into several ones to dispatch it to different translators (also a common operation). That's
not explicitly allowed in the specification either, but not being allowed to do it would be laughable.

My point is: Splitting or joining XLIFF documents is a relatively common operations that many tools support in 1.x. Why wouldn't
they be able to do the same with 2.0?

The requirement is that the merger need to get back its document.

The main issue with bundling is the identifier of the <file> element.
I'll answer Dave's email on that: UUIDs may not necessarily be the only solution.


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