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Subject: RE: [xliff] Schemas update

Hi Tom, all,

Thanks for updating the schema Tom.

I was starting to look at the latest changes in the schemas and had a few questions and notes:

- Shouldn't all the processContents be set to lax now (instead of skip)?

- Shouldn't the extension defined in the modules be also ##other/lax rather than ##any/skip?

- Shouldn't the references to the modules be deleted in <pc> and replaced by an anyAttribute/##other/lax?

- Shouldn't the definition for <xliff>'s version be undefined now (vs. with a fixed value)?
- I see that we an anyAttribute on <cp/>: Do we have any module on <cp/>? We've removed FS, Is the remaining attributes are the SLR ones? Does it make sense to have SLR there? The same argument as for FS would make sense: this is just escaping a character, you can't expect XLIFF reader to preserve metadata per character once it is read into the original structure.

- Do we still need the imports of the modules in the core?

- It seems there are several imports in the modules we could get removed as they are not used.

- I had a request about having a local include for xml.xsd. The schemas still use the online one: this completely bog down the speed when using the schemas. Is there a reason to not have a local copy?

- The ref attribute in Glossary should probably be anyURI no? (or better NMTOKEN if David pays attention to my notes about avoiding fragment identifiers values for ref in Glossary and Matches).


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