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Subject: 101 - FS attributes is Dec-17 draft

Hi Bryan,

In response to the changes for issue 101.

Thanks for removing the module's attributes from the places where it was difficult or next to impossible to implement. The new
locations are all fine now in my opinion.

-- I disagree with the text:

Format Style module does not have a fragment identification prefix. Prefix /fs is reserved in case it
became needed in the future developments of this module.

Rational: there fragment identification need in this version of the module. If a new version later needs it, its corresponding
specification can define the prefix.

-- the 'html' text in "... a quick at a glance html preview of XLIFF content using a predefined set of simple html..." should
probably be all-capital.

-- There is a first one line listing that seems to be unrelated to the Telecaster example. That first line seems to be repeated with
more text below the Telecaster example.

-- The telecaster listing example in section is missing a the FS namespace declaration.
The XSL template could probably gain from some namespace declarations too.

-- The smiley face example should probably be moved in the subFs section since it illustrates subFs.

-- All examples have non-visible unwrapped text out of the page in PDF.

-- The definition of the value for subFs is still muddy (missing a clear explanation of the syntax): we says:

The subFs MUST only be used to carry attribute name/value comma-delimited pairs
for attributes that are valid for the HTML element identified by the accompanied fs attribute.


The subFs attribute is used to specify the HTML attributes to use along with the HTML element declared in the fs attribute. It is a
list of name/value pairs. Each pair is separated from the next with a backslash (/). The name and the value of a pair are separated
with a comma (,). Both literal backslash and comma characters are escaped with a backslash prefix.

-- The tables of values for the fs attribute is incorrectly formatted in PDF: it leak at the top of the page.

-- The FS attributes are allowed in the <ec> element. I believe the discussion was that it would be allowed only when that element
has isolated='yes'. There are no constraint saying so currently.


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