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Subject: Fragment Identification

Hi everyone,

A few days ago I've posted a proposal for fragment identification based on Fredrik/Dave proposal.
The email and attached files are here:

To try to illustrate in a practical way how this would work I've implemented a little on-line test page for this:

You enter the fragment identifier to try, the document where the reference is and the tool should find it.
You can try invalid syntax and see how the processor reacts. It should be conforming to the constraints and PRs described in the
email above.

Note that some errors may result in "Fragment not found" rather that an error because the wrong syntax is looking like a valid one
(e.g. "#f=f1/u=1/1" points to an inline element id='1' in unit id='1' of file id='f1', but if you miss-type it and forget the last
separator ("#f=f1/u=11") it will look like a valid reference but to a unit id='11'. There is not much we can do about this.

To try the mechanism with extensions: add the namespace-URI/prefix pair in the bottom field and the tool should be able to take it
into account. Note that the three modules that have IDs are pre-defined (gls, mtc, res).

Please, let me know if you have questions.


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