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Subject: RE: [xliff] RE: Proposed solution for csprd02 (RE: csprd02 comment - xml:lang and xml:space)

Hi Bryan,

> The point I struggled to make was that we still need to account 
> for the more common scenario, that in which no xml:space attribute 
> occurs on the parent/ancestor - and no xml:space attribute occurs 
> on the <source> and <target>
> ...
> I don't recall the TC discussion about xml:space. But I think our whole 
> reason for including the section in the spec is that in the absence 
> of an explicit xml:space="preserve" on <source> or <target> is 
> that we want the value to be   "default."
> If we say "the default value depends on the parent/ancestor" we are 
> not making our point.

We do have a section on White-space. So maybe something like this:

Default value:

	For data:
		'preserve'. Note also that the 'default' value is to be interpreted as 'preserve' for the data content (See section
4.7.5 White Spaces).

	Other elements:
		The default value is inherited from the closest ancestor defining xml:space. If no ancestor specify xml:space the
default is 'default'.


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