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Subject: URI fragment Identification

Hi editors, everyone:

== Editors: 

I can take the action item to update the Fragment Identification section in the spec.

== All:

We have still one small item to take care of.
The fragment identification includes the need to register prefixes for extensions (so they don't conflict).
We have not defined yet how that is done.

I think we can define this outside of the spec. The text of the spec can simply refer to the registration process defined by the

So we can discuss the process without impacting the spec.

--- As for the process, it can be simple:

- the user send an email to the comment list 
- one of the TC officer add the URI/prefix in a single public document hosted at a fixed location.

We just have to define the format of the document, which can be very simple.

I suggested java properties file, but it may be even too complex.
A simple UTF-8 text file with:
On each line <uriOfTheNamespace><space><prefix>
Would do.
And also line starting with # are comments.


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