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Subject: csprd03 - 212 inconsistent ref value definition for change tracking

Ryan, Kevin, Uwe, and all,


In section " ref" the specification states that the value is an NMTOKEN, while in the schema it is defined as xs:anyURI. The original comment is at https://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff-comment/201402/msg00012.html. I’m tasked with confirming with Ryan, Kevin, and Uwe that NMTOKEN is correct.


While researching this, I’ve found the same issue applies also to gls:glossEntry@ref, gls:translation@ref, and mtc:match@ref. The issue tracker should be updated accordingly.


These attributes were updated in the specification last July, and the schema files were changed accordingly. Then in October, along with a change to core, the schema files were changed for these attributes. That was my mistake.


To close this issue, I propose to update the schema files to fix the attributes in question. Please offer any feedback or dissent by Friday, February 28.






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