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Subject: Proposed solution and CFD for csprd03 222 PR on removing annotations

For csprd03 222 PR on removing annotations, I propose that in section "4.7.3 Annotations" we remove following PR:



When a Modifier removes an <mrk> element or a pair of <sm> / <em> elements and the ref attribute is present, it MUST check whether

or not the URI referenced by the ref attribute is within the same <unit> as the removed element. If it is and no other element has a

reference to the referenced element, the Modifier MUST remove the referenced element.



I we already established consensus in our FragID discussion. I think the fact that we forgot to remove it during that discussion is simply an editorial omission.


Please communicate dissent by Friday 28 February. If I have not heard otherwise by then, I will assume the TC approves this proposal.

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