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xliff message

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Subject: CFD: csprd03 235 xml:lang-related text and Translation Candidate module



I propose for Source, we remove the constraint:


When a <source> element is a child of <segment> or <ignorable> and the OPTIONAL xml:lang attribute is present, its value MUST be equal to the value of the srcLang attribute of the enclosing <xliff> element.

and from Target:


When a <target> child is added to a <segment> element, the value of its xml:space attribute MUST be set to preserve if the xml:space attribute of the sibling <source> element is set to preserve.



and from match


xml:lang MUST NOT be set on the match element.





Although the xml namespace is allowed by extensibility on the above constrained extension point, setting xml:lang here would conflict with the semantic of srcLang, trgLang, and xml:lang as defined in this specification, because of XLIFF being primarily a bilingual format.


If I do not hear any objections by 11 March I will consider this approved by the TC.






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