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Subject: RE: [xliff] core attribute 'type' shows nothing for group or unit

Hi David, all,

> I think the attribute should be dropped from <unit> and <group>

I disagree: This type attribute is the equivalent of the restype in 1.2 and is used quite a lot to qualify a group or a unit. For
example it's used in TM leveraging. For instance: in Windows resources a menu item "Help" may be translated "?" in French, but if
it's a button it's translated "Aide". The unit's type allows to set the extra info that makes an exact match possible. It also help
for general translation context.

> The other possible fix would be to have them as strings with 
> undefined defaults, but the usability and interoperability of 
> such would be pretty limited.

It's not really possible to define all the possible types, we saw that in 1.x.
But we can use the same prefix mechanism use elsewhere.

> ...this should slip to 2.x possibly 2.1

Pushing this to 2.x would mean the namespace URI for the Core 2.x would change and we **really** want to avoid that. We must get the
Core done and as stable as possible for 2.0.

So I would propose to complete the definition rather than drop it.

In section " type" add:

When used in <group> or <unit>:
The value MUST be composed of a prefix and a sub-value separated by a character : (U+003A).
The prefix is a string uniquely identifying a collection of values for a specific authority. The sub-value
is any string value defined by the authority.
Default value: Undefined

And add the corresponding declaration in the schema.

In my opinion that fix is an editorial change (adding a missing definition) while removing the attribute may qualify as a
substantive change (removing a feature).


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