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Subject: Call for Dissent re: core attribute 'type' shows nothing for group or unit

> In the description for the core attribute 'type' (section,
> there's no value description and no default value for <group> or <unit>. 
> Also the 'used in' section doesn't include these elements. However, 
> they are referenced by those elements (section group, 
> section unit).

To resolve this issue I propose the following:

- In section " type" add:

When used in <group> or <unit>:
The value MUST be composed of a prefix and a sub-value separated by a character : (U+003A).
The prefix is a string uniquely identifying a collection of values for a specific authority. The sub-value is any string value
defined by the authority. The prefix xlf is reserved.
Default value: Undefined

- And add the corresponding declaration in the schema.

(@David: I've added the xlf prefix provision)

I will make the changes in the draft/schema later today.
And we will consider the change approved by the TC unless we hear dissent by Monday, March 17, end of day PDT.


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