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Subject: type for ref of match and glossEntry and #212

Hi all,

The comment 212 stated that ctr:revisions@ref was NMTOKEN in the space and xs:anyUri in the schema.

That has been corrected: they are both NMTOKEN now.

However, the following text was added in the issue tracker: [same issue applies also to gls:glossEntry@ref, gls:translation@ref, and

So Tom changed the type for those two refs as well. But they were (and still are) IRI in the specification.

Personally I think having NMTOKEN for match@ref would OK.
But for glossEntry@ref, gls:translation@ref it would mean we can't point to content in the target.
In any case: we have a discrepancy now.

I think glossEntry@ref, gls:translation@ref and match@ref need to be set back to xs:anyUri in the schemas.


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