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Subject: Re: [xliff] XLIFF TC Meeting - march 18 2014 - Minutes

Yves, all,
I want to make a small change to the minutes, Dave O'Carroll joined the call later, as he did not have voting rights no impact on quorum or ballot outcome
With the above addition I move that these become meeting minutes of record for the TC meeting of 18 March 2014.
Looking for a second

Dr. David Filip
University of Limerick, Ireland
telephone: +353-6120-2781
cellphone: +353-86-0222-158
facsimile: +353-6120-2734
mailto: david.filip@ul.ie

On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 4:02 PM, Yves Savourel <ysavourel@enlaso.com> wrote:
XLIFF meeting minutes

Present: Asanka, Bryan, DavidW, DavidF, Helena, Ray, Soroush, Tom, Yves, Uwe, Joachim, Lucia
Regrets: Fredrik

DF takes the role call.
DF: 10 out of 13 voters

DF: some last changes are not in the printout
.. but they are cosmetic we should be able to accept the draft

HC: sorry in advance. need to leave 30 mins before the end

DF: pending issues:
extended characters in pdf
schema listings not up to date
listings not fitting into boxes in pdf

TC: still working on the example line wrapping.
DF: the link is:

BS: Before we still need to approve the meeting minutes of last week.
.. move to accept those.
YS: second
No dissent

== Agenda item 2:

.. public review 3 is completed.
.. still a few cosmetic changes (extended chars, line wrapping)
.. we vote today to vote on the chair to ask the TC admin to conduct a special majority vote
to publish a Committee Specification

DF: the special majority vote will need 2 thirds of yes vote and no more or equal than 1/4 of no votes
.. ballots goes to all current voters

BS: we are confident that this version of the spec has been well vetted
.. encourage all to look at the specification, but we are confidence it's solid.
.. modules are tested as far as syntax validation (constraints and PRs)

==== Motion to have the current specification be voted on as a Committee Specification:

BS: I Move to have the current spec to be voted as a Committee Specification
Link = https://tools.oasis-open.org/version-control/browse/wsvn/xliff/trunk/?rev=496&sc=1

DF: second the motion
.. yes means you want the vote, no means you don't want the vote
Yes: 10 No: 0 Abstain: 1 (David Walters dropped from the call)
Motion passes


BS: we are on track for the schedule
.. please be sure to vote when the ballot comes
DF: it will come soon (within 2 days)
BS: note that we don't need approved minutes for Chet to move forward.

BS: will will need SOU in place
.. there is a start on the wiki
.. only a few entries so far
.. we would like to have all core and modules implemented.
.. Core should be covered
.. But we have less implementations for the modules.
.. it would be nice to have tested functionalities of the modules.
.. Bryan's validator checks only syntax, constraints and PRs.
.. OASIS has lenient requirements
.. but we do need SOU especially from OASIS *Members*

== Agenda item 3

BS: it would not be ok to propose new features since we are finalizing the 2.0 spec.

DF: I think re-open the wiki feature tracker to start collecting data for v2.1
.. obviously we don't want features breaking 2.0
.. example of good item for 2.1:
.. - ITS mapping
.. - also better automated validation (XSDs are not enough) we could use other
schema languages for example.
.. Kevin hoped later versions would come faster. So i think it's OK
to talk about 2.1. 2.0 is on an admin track now.

BS: We do need to set the criteria for 2.x vs 3.0
.. we should be long way off from 3.0
.. probably don't need to do this yet
.. We will need members of the TC to help with pushing 2.0 through the 'lack of interest' of voters.
.. last time was difficult.
.. should be a bit easier this time as XLIFF is more mainstream

.. will set up wiki to start tracking 2.1

== Agenda item 5:

Debrief on the P&L sub committee

DF: 2 things:

- Symposium: June 3rd and 4th in Dublin (just before LocWord)
.. need presentation proposals
.. deadline is tomorrow

- Statments of Use (SOU)
.. SC produced 2 reports: one in v1.2
.. Lucia working of the state-of-the-art questionnaire for 2.0
.. Think this item should be moved to the main TC for a while
.. could use this to collect SOUs
.. Complete answer to the questionnaire could be used as a SOU
.. that a proposal for discussion

Link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/XLIFF2-0
L: this is the first draft, but still needs to be discussed

BS: think it's a good idea.
.. thanks to Lucia for the work
.. looked good to me.
DF: SC will work on the survey and next version should be useable
.. survey uses the terms used in the spec (reader, writers, modifiers, etc.)
.. it'll be easy to compare the different answers

BS: Remember the deadline for submitting papers for the Symposium.
DF: Bryan did good job backstage to get people to commit to submit proposal.
BS: seeing that DITA community is starting to embrace XLIFF for there localization process.
.. hope we get a peper or two from that community

YS: face-to-face meeting around the same time?
DF: Looking at June 5th
.. Oracle didn't confirm they could provide meeting space.
.. Kevin is now looking into Microsoft host
.. Plan C is possibly CNGL hosting on one of the universities' campus

US: MS campus is far from downtown
DF: should not be an issue
US: date is more of a problem because it overlaps LocWord
DF: yes, but we can't do it on the 2nd
.. so 5th is the only option

BS: do we know the number of TC members attending LocWorld?
DF: could also look at an option to co-locate with LocWord
.. but that we require money (room rent)
BS: could we do a survey to check the situation with TC members?
DF: LocWorld often accomodate requests
.. would be good to hav ethe F2F after the symposium
US: we should check the cost for the co-location
.. often they don't feel all rooms
DF: will try to see that before next meeting
BS: could be presented as a PR for LocWorld

Agenda item 6:

BS: any new business?
DF: ITS mapping for 2.0
.. there is an Interest Group at W3C that has this as a work item
.. good place to start the work
.. recommend to all TC members to look at that

BS: make sure to vote for the Special Majority Ballot

- meeting closed

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