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Subject: Survey/SUO feedback

Hi Lucia,

A few notes on the survey/SUO:

- in " Does your tool prevent the creation of duplicated trans-unit IDs? " we should have 'unit' not 'trans-unit'

- "21. Please select from the following required XLIFF attributes the ones that your tool can process:" list only some of the
<xliff> element (trgLang is missing)

- " 17. Which XLIFF version does your tool support?" : I assume we will remove all version but 2.0?

- There should be a place for people to provide links to their implementation, extra info, etc. (a field labeled as such, not as a
general comment area).

- All SOU I see at OASIS are looking like explicit statements, (see
https://www.oasis-open.org/search/google/statment%20of%20use?query=statment%20of%20use) maybe we need a boiler plate text field for
this. Something like:

   [ ] do you want to make this survey response an official SUO
	And if yes, move to a page with the boilerplate text and a field for the name of the person/organization doing the statement
and a check box saying 'I agree'.
Or something similar.

I think we also need the version and date of the spec stated somewhere.


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