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Subject: Re: Survey/SUO feedback

Yves, thanks for this, very useful. especially the boiler plate, date and spec link.
These indeed need to be added to fulfill the OASIS SOU requirement

Dr. David Filip
University of Limerick, Ireland
telephone: +353-6120-2781
cellphone: +353-86-0222-158
facsimile: +353-6120-2734
mailto: david.filip@ul.ie

On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 5:40 PM, Yves Savourel <ysavourel@enlaso.com> wrote:
Hi Lucia,

A few notes on the survey/SUO:

- in " Does your tool prevent the creation of duplicated trans-unit IDs? " we should have 'unit' not 'trans-unit'

- "21. Please select from the following required XLIFF attributes the ones that your tool can process:" list only some of the
<xliff> element (trgLang is missing)

- " 17. Which XLIFF version does your tool support?" : I assume we will remove all version but 2.0?

- There should be a place for people to provide links to their implementation, extra info, etc. (a field labeled as such, not as a
general comment area).

- All SOU I see at OASIS are looking like explicit statements, (see
https://www.oasis-open.org/search/google/statment%20of%20use?query=statment%20of%20use) maybe we need a boiler plate text field for
this. Something like:

   [ ] do you want to make this survey response an official SUO
        And if yes, move to a page with the boilerplate text and a field for the name of the person/organization doing the statement
and a check box saying 'I agree'.
Or something similar.

I think we also need the version and date of the spec stated somewhere.


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