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Subject: RE: [xliff] Re: Survey/SUO feedback

Hi Lucia,

>>- "21. Please select from the following required XLIFF attributes the 
>> ones that your tool can process:" list only some of the <xliff> 
>> element (trgLang is missing)
> Following the spec, I had made a distinction between ?required? elements 
> and attributes  and the total set of elements and attributes. I can just 
> leave the whole set if you think that it is confusing.

Oh, I see trgLang in the optional list now.
I think it doesn't really matter: as David said the OPTIONAL stated near the names doesn't mean much anyway: it's all about the
constraints and PRs.

>>- " 17. Which XLIFF version does your tool support?" : 
>>I assume we will remove all version but 2.0?
> Done. Should we change that question to: ?level of XLIFF 2.0 support??

"XLIFF 2.0 modules support"? or something like that.

Input for the future:

It's too late to change now, but maybe next time we do a survey for 2.x it could be better to list the constraints and PRs rather
than the elements and attributes. For this time around there are too many (about 125 just for the Core) to change.

For 2.x we also may want to make sure they are display in some very visible way in the specs (colored or in a frame, etc. and
possibly labeled per type of agents) having them with a heading 'Constraints' and 'Processing Requirements' helps, but they are
still easy to miss.


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