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Subject: Modify the meeting frequency to just 1st Tuesday of each month?



At the last meeting we discussed that there will be a lull in TC activity for the period between the ballot for the Candidate Specification and the passage of XLIFF 2.0 as an OASIS Standard.


As we discussed the shift in workload from the TC at large, to much administrative work for the officers, the mood was clearly in favor of temporarily changing the meetings for 2-per month to 1-per month.


Please respond to this thread if you object to that schedule.


I will assume if I have not heard dissent by  24 April that this is the will of the TC, and I will begin only scheduling meetings for the first Tuesday of each month. Once we pass XLIFF 2.0 as a standard I will reopen the subject with the TC and likely need to go back to twice a month meetings.





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