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Subject: Seeking opinions on XLIFF 2.0 tool support for *basic* segmentation

I just added support for segmentation-at-the-sentence-level to my XLIFF 2.0 tool. The fun part was recognizing if a <pc> or <mrk> straddled sentences, and converting to <sc>/<ec> or <sm>/<em> as appropriate.

I'm contemplating if this level of segmentation is useful? Or do I need to add full SRX support?. I'm really hoping the reply is "oh, no need for SRX - SRX is overkill for most - sentences are fine."


Bonus advice: My sentence algorithm seems okay for English and German source. But I am not experienced in sentence structure in other languages. Any "gotcha" situations I should look for in the other major languages would be appreciated. For instance I know to look for things like 。- but not much more than that.

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