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Subject: RE: [xliff] Seeking opinions on XLIFF 2.0 tool support for *basic* segmentation

Hi Bryan,

> I just added support for segmentation-at-the-sentence-level 
> to my XLIFF 2.0 tool.
> ...
> I'm contemplating if this level of segmentation is useful? 
> Or do I need to add full SRX support?. 
> I'm really hoping the reply is "oh, no need for SRX - SRX 
> is overkill for most - sentences are fine."

My experience is that very quickly any segmenter needs some way to define exceptions and just "basic" detection is not good enough.
But all depends on how you define "basic" and obviously one could define exceptions other than using SRX.

If you can break properly something like:

Mr. Holmes is from the U.K. not the U.S. <pc id="1">Is Dr. Watson from there too?</pc> Yes: both are.<ph id="2"/>

Then your segmentation engine is quite good already.


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