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Subject: ITS: Preserve space and Language Information

Hi all,

It seems to me that we don't have a good solution for the inline cases of the Preserve Space and Language Information data

In the original draft mapping we used xml:space and xml:lang on <mrk>.
But, as David pointed out, this can't work because these attributes are not allowed on <mrk>/<sm>.
I believe we did this because of <sm>: both xml:lang and xml:space scopes would apply to an empty element.

But we cannot have no inline solution for those two data categories.
So it seems they would fall into the class of the data categories only partially supported directly by the core, and we need
ITS-module attributes to handle them inline. Something like this: <mrk id='1' type="its:any" its:space="preserve" its:lang="iu">.


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