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Subject: @disabled in Validation Module. Fix example. Add constraint?



In disabled, in the Validation Module section, we say:


“This attribute is provided to allow for overriding execution of rules set at higher levels . . .”




“In the following example, the isNotPresent rule is applied in its entirety to the first unit, but not to the second.”


I have 2 observations.


(1)    The example uses isPresent, not isNotPresent. So I think we should change the sentence to reflect isPresent.

(2)    Since there is no higher level that a rule can be set than <file>, I think we should add a constraint that says @disabled MUST NOT be used on a rule, whose parent validation is a direct child of file. There may be a clearer way of stating that. Probably somebody who thinks less XPath-y than me could come up with a constraint that is worded more clearly.





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