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Subject: RE: [xliff] @disabled in Validation Module. Fix example. Add constraint?

Hi Bryan, all,

I don’t know Bryan, the text clearly says what the attribute is for in the first sentence. Then it adds an *example* of usage. If the intent was just to override previous rules then: a) it would not be an example, b) the attribute would not be allowed at the <file> level in the first place. To me the text of the third sentence is what makes things confusing. You remove it and it is all clear.

What is less clear is when a rule overrides another. For example: does the unit-level rule below overrides the one in file or not? 

<file id="f1">
  <val:rule startsWith="a" caseSensitive='no'/>
 <unit id="u1">
   <val:rule startsWith="a" disabled='yes'/>
   <source>ABC. </source>
   <target>Xbc. </target>

I would assume they are different rules because they have different caseSensitive options.
But the specification doesn't state what the conditions to have an override are.

Another example:

<val:rule startsWith="a" caseSensitive='no'/> and <val:rule startsWith="A" caseSensitive='no'/> they look different, but because they are both case-insensitive they have the same effect.


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