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Subject: RE: [xliff] The Terminology data category

Hi Felix,

>> Should we forbid or allow ref and value to co-exist for 
>> an ITS Term annotation in XLIFF?
> How is the interpretation of term annotation in XLIFF that includes 
> both ref and and value? Are both concatenated? 

The ref attribute holds a reference to information on the term, while value holds a short definition.

There are no provision to make them explicitly work together, it's simply not forbidden to have both.

> If yes, one could say: when mapping back to the original file, 
> combine the information and create in the original file a place 
> for the information.  

I suppose that could work. But you'd be losing data: the reference link (well I suppose it could be copied in the info too, but it
would not be 'live').
So we would recommend to map back to a global rule (much harder to do).
Maybe 'recommend' is wrong, it could be a note suggesting one way to solve the issue.

So does it means you think we should allow ref and value to co-exist even for ITS-specific term annotation?
How would you express that in the ITS rule set for pure-ITS processor?


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