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xliff message

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Subject: ITS IG ACTION-56: Do write up of processing its+xliff files

Hi all,

to get this going I looked at the archives on what we discussed. One question I have: in the wiki we say there are three types of processors that use the information

  • An XLIFF Extractor aware of both ITS and the ITS module for any data coming from the original source document.
  • An XLIFF Modifier aware of the ITS Module for data generated during the life time of the XLIFF document.
  • An XLIFF Merger aware of both the ITS Module and the ITS syntax if any of that data is merged back into the translated document.

Does the information need to be written differently for these or in general? We touched upon this briefly at
but I am not sure about the outcome.

About the information itself, I think we have two aspects:

1) re-writing selected ITS attributes into the oasis namespace, with prefix „itsm“ as a good practice.

2) The handling of overlap as described in this thread

anything else? Esp. for David: should I put the candidate content in a subsection of




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