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Subject: Preserve Space / Language Info at the inline level

Hi David, all,

Looking at:

Section " ITS Preserve Space Annotation"

I'm not sure if this is the best way to define the annotation for Preserve Space, and I assume, Language Information later.

There are two options:

a) We have two attributes itsm:space and itsm:lang that can be set in any <mrk>/<sm> element, regardless of the type (just like

In that case we get this type of annotations:

<mrk id='m1' translate='no' itsm:space='preserve' itsm:space='zxx'>3x + 5y = 2</mrk>

<mrk id='m2' type='term' itsm:lang='fr-CA'>poutine</mrk>

<mrk id='m3' type='itsm:any' itsm:space='preserve'>[  ]=2s</mrk>


Or b) we decide to force a specific annotation for Preserve Space and for Language Information that are not mixed with others.

In that second case, the simplest way to define them would be:

<mrk id='1' type='itsm:space value='preserve'>...</mrk>

<mrk id='2' type='itsm:lang' value='fr-CA'>...</mrk>

Also, it seems to me that it would be a lot more clear for the reader to have just one ITS Module section (no appendix) and have
each data category defined there, regardless how they are mapped.


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