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Subject: RE: [xliff] a quick question regarding the Localization Note mapping in XLIFF 2.1

Hi David, all,

> I believe that the three rules should be fine together,

As I say, I like seeing things in action (e.g. with overriding precedence, etc.) before saying it works or not :) The sooner we get that rule file written the better.

For example, it actually looks like we will need 4 rules, not 3, as there is no locNoteTypePointer, so <note> will need two rules to cover the alert/description cases.

> ...as long as we agree what is the default for comment annotations with value.
> I suggested it is alert, as the xliff <note> has deafult priority 1, 
> but it is pretty much arbitrary since ITS does not specify a default.

Actually ITS does specify a default for local notes and it's 'description'.
So we'll have to decide which one makes sense from an XLIFF viewpoint.

We should really try instead of discussing. But I don't have time for now.


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