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Subject: RE: [xliff] Re: ITS module section(s) in the specification

Hi David, all,

>> The initial wiki page is a mapping, which includes both 
>> the guideline and the representation.
> Exactly and that's totally fine with wiki, but I am trying to keep those 
> two apart in the spec.

What the current draft shows is some data categories in the normative parts and some others in the appendix.

What it should have is, for each data category: the part about how it is represented in XLIFF described in the normative section, and the extraction recommendations and example in the non-normative section.

> I would not try to force a decision now, as the 
> detailed specification is not elaborated for all categories.

It doesn't really matter how many are elaborated at this point. At the end each of them will need to be addressed one way or another in the normative section.

> If the module does not seem to have enough normative information, 
> I am open to hear what it should contain in your and TC opinion.

I'll try to provide a mock-up, maybe it'll clearer.


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