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Subject: Re: [xliff] Prefixed attriubutes for modules

On 2.12.2014 23:23, Dr. David Filip wrote:
> I have to say I am completely confused now.

That's very easy with XML namespaces :-)

> The above example only uses the gls module namespace apart from the
> core namespace that does not have a prefix declared in the example
> Do you say that in the above context
> 1)
> <gls:term source="mydictionary">slushy</gls:term>
> is different from
> 2)
> <gls:term gls:source="mydictionary">slushy</gls:term>
> ?

Yes, very different -- source and gls:source are completely different
attributes which for example means that in order to read their value in
XPath or using some XML API (DOM, SAX, ...) you have to use different code.

> My questions are
> Is the "source" attribute in 1) in the gls: namespace?


> Is 2) valid?

Yes, it's valid against

> Is the "source" attribute in 2) in the gls: namespace?

Yes, but namespace is "urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:glossary:2.0", prefix is
not important at all. And this snippet is not valid against schema I
reference above.

> Doesn't 2)  mean the same as 1) ?

No, they are different

> 3)
> <gls:term source="mydictionary" itsm:person="John Doe">slushy</gls:term>
> Even if I do not prefix source, which is in the same namespace as
> "gls:term", 

No "source" attribute is not in any namespace.

> I assume I have to prefix "person" in 3) to make sure that it
> belongs to the itsm: namespace and gets validated against the itsm: schema.
> Otherwise it would be assumed to belong to the same vocabulary as gls:term
> and fail to validate as there is no attribute "person" in the gls:
> namespace, correct?

Probably yes, I don't know where schema for itsm is. But schema for
glossary requires attributes to be in namespace, except "source".


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