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Subject: Versions and modules

Hi all,

So to try to conclude the discussion started here:
and continued at the last call, here is a summary of what, I think, is the current status:

-- 1) Can a module of version N+X be in a document version N?

For example, can we have the ITS module (v2.1) in a 2.0 document?

The answer is 'yes'. The namespace is a module (i.e. must be preserved), but no tool supporting just version N can support it as a
module because it's treated as an extension from the viewpoint of the tool.

-- 2) Can we have two versions of the same module in the same document?

The discussion during the call was tending to answer 'no' to that one.

Note that this situation would be only for the tools supporting version N+X, because the tools supporting N would interpret the N+X
as an extension not a module (See #1).
I'm not sure how we can enforce this with schemas.

-- 3) A new question: Can a document version N+X have a module version N (while a version N+X of that module is defined). For
example: imagine that in XLIFF 2.2 we update the Matches module. Can we still have tools putting Matches 2.0 data in the 2.2

If the tool Matches 2.2 is backward compatible with Matches 2.0, there is no reason to say 'no' here I think. If it's not backward
compatible, the tool may or may not know how to deal with the old version. So I'm not sure we can have an absolute answer.


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