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Subject: Re: [xliff] ITS module section(s) in the specification

Am 04.12.2014 um 10:56 schrieb Dr. David Filip <David.Filip@ul.ie>:

Thanks Felix,
I agree let's discuss on 8th on the IG call, but of course let's keep the discussion available to the TC.

Looking at Yves’ mockup, there seem to be many parts that would not be understood by a generic ITS processors, like:

• The id attribute is REQUIRED.“ (for terminology)

„If the annotation has an itsm:termConfidence attribute, it must be within the scope of an itsm:annotatorsRef with the terminology annotator set.“ . Scope here seems to be the unit, not the whole XML file (which it would be for a generic ITS processor).

This (and other normative stuff) is (or is going to be)  not only in Yves mock up but also in the current Working Draft.
I believe that there is no dissent about the actual technical solution.
I think this is just a debate about layout within the 2.1 spec, which is premature IMHO as I keep saying.. 

Well, then we need more time to make it mature, no? I understand the timing of the XLIFF 2.1 specification. But if the layout of the feature in the spec is premature, then shouldn’t we rather take more time?



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