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Subject: RE: [xliff] ITS module section(s) in the specification

Hi Felix, all,

> Looking at Yves? mockup, there seem to be many parts 
> that would not be understood by a generic ITS processors, like:
> ?	? The id attribute is REQUIRED.? (for terminology)

I don't think a generic ITS processor would need to know things like that to work. If it applies the transformation to deal with
<sm>/<em> and then applies the rules file, it should have all the info it needs.

>> ?If the annotation has an itsm:termConfidence attribute, it must 
>> be within the scope of an itsm:annotatorsRef with the terminology 
>> annotator set.? . 
> Scope here seems to be the unit, not the whole XML file (which it
> would be for a generic ITS processor).

I'm not sure I understand the issue.
The scope here is the scope of the itsm:annotatorsRef. So that attribute could be set on the element where itsm:termConfidence is on
any ancestor where it is allowed. No?


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