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Subject: Preserve Space Inline

Hi everyone,

David asked me to summarize the conclusion we had on the discussion about how to represent the inline Preserve Space data category.

I believe the conclusion was that the best solution was to not offer a itsm:space attribute like we thought about initially.

The main reason for this is that xml:space cannot be used on <sm/> and adding a itsm:space would not be backward compatible and
would not work for tools not implementing the ITS module.

Instead we would simply state that the recommended way to handle inline spans of content where the whitespace must be preserve is
for the extractor agent to normalize the content for the parts that can be normalized, and preserve the parts that must be preserved
and then set the xml:space='preserve' attribute on the given unit.

This would guarantee that the inline spans that need preserving are preserved, and it is backward compatible.

I hope this helps,

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