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xliff message

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Subject: Question on fragment identifier

Hi TC folks,


In the xliff 2.0 spec, the following constraints are given on construction of fragment identifiers:


·         A fragment identifier MUST match the following format:

<_expression_>      ::= "#" ["/"] <selector> {<selectorSeparator> <selector>}

<selector>        ::= [<prefix> <prefixSeparator>] <id>

<prefix>          ::= NMTOKEN

<id>              ::= NMTOKEN

<prefixSeparator> ::= "="

<selectorSeparator>  ::= "/"


Is [“/”] to be interpreted as optional depending on whether the implementer wishes the fragment identifier to be relative or absolute?


For instance, are these two essentially equivalent?





Only the first one is relative and the second is absolute? Which in the case of file is the same.





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